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Netflix Ban Workers Not To Look Each Oda Pass five Seconds And Odas

American entertainment company, Netflix don ban dia workers make dem no look each oda for more than five seconds as part of di new no-flirting rules.


Di compani take di decision afta di Harvey Weinstein scandal and #Me Too movement wey don happen for Hollywood.


Some oda rules wey follow Netflix na:


Make di film crew no dey ask dia colleagues for dia phone numbers.

Any staff wey feel say im colleague harass am or dey misbehave, make e shout: 'Stop! Don't do dat again.'

Make staffs no give long hugs or touch anyone for long period of time.

Stay clear for colleague once e don first tell you say, e no get interest.

No ask colleague more than once if e don first tell you 'NO'

No flirt.


Human Resource development consultant for Nigeria Ime Umoyo, tell BBC News Pidgin say dis new rules from Netflix no be wetin dem go fit continue to dey practice for long time.


"E no dey practicable and sustainable.


Dis no be wetin dem go fit enforce because as human being we must relate wit each oda and looking dey part of am.


"And if workers see any unwanted behaviour, make dem report am sharp-sharp.


Mr Umoyo say "I believe say more practicable way dey to address dis."


Im tok say for di case of looking, dem need to differentiate di kind of look wey dem mean. If na di sexual arousing kind of look, di company need to dey against am.


One of di first programmes wey Netflix make to follow dis instructions na sci-fi series Black Mirror, wey dem film for London and oda location.


Di Sun UK report say one on-set runner say: " Dem talk to everybodi about #MeToo."


"Senior staff go harassment meeting to learn wetin dey and wetin no dey appropriate. To look pesin pass five seconds no dey good."


"You must not ask for someone number unless na di pesin give permission make dem distribute di number."

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