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INEC Don Release Voting Procedure For Nigeria

Nigeria election office Independent National Election Commission (INEC) on Thursday tok as tins go take happun once dem step inside polling station to vote for dia candidate on February 16 and March 2, 2019 general election.


INEC release seven steps to follow to helep Naija pipo understand how to voting on election day.


Step one

Once you reach di polling unit make you just join line alias queue den show yoursef to di INEC official. Di official go check if you;


•Dey di correct polling unit


•If di foto for di PVC dey wit your face


If im dey satisfy e go move you to di next official.



Step two

Di second INEC official go check your finger print for card reader to know weda your PVC na authentic. From di card reader im go know if na you true true get di PVC wey you present.


Di card reader contain di name of all di pipo wey register for dat polling station.



Step three

If all correct, from dia you go waka meet di next INEC official wey im work na to confirm say your name and informate dey inside voters register.


If e dey, im go mark your name, give you back your register den put ink for your fingernail.


If im no find your name kwanu for register, you no go vote be dat.



Step four

Once dem put in for your hand, you go move to step four.


Here di next officer go stamp and sign plus put date for di back of your ballot paper.


Im go roll di paper, give am to you den show you di cubicle (dat is to say di box wey INEC build for you to press hand ontop di ballot) wia you go go do your secret vote.



Step five

Once you enta cubicle, put your finger for di ink wey dey dia, den use dat finger wey stain mark di space or box wey dey di ballot paper for di candidate or paety wey you like.


Roll di ballot paper wen you finish.



Step six

Wit your ballot paper jejely waka comot from di cubicle go drop di paper inside ballot box as everibodi dey see you.



Step seven

Now you fit leave di polling unit go house or wait peacefully witout causing any wahala as you wait for di declaration of result.


Dem go past di result of di polling unit dia for di polling unit so dat everibodi fit see am.

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