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Eminem Don Scatter Social Media As Im Yab Trump

Popular American rapper Eminem almost 'finish' President Donald Trump with plenty yabbing inside one freestyle wey dem show for di BET Hip Hop Awards.



Dis na di second time Eminem dey drop song where im yab di US President.



Inside di freestyle wey last for four and half minutes, Eminem call di president "racist 94-year-old grandpa" wey no get respect for soldiers.




For di video wey dem shoot for car park, di rapper wear hoodie come dey vex dey rap about all di things wey President Trump dey do wey im no like.




One particular punch line wey dey burst people head for social media na when Eminem rap say: "Racism's the only thing he's fantastic for". Dis one mean say na only racism di President sabi pass




Eminem even chook mouth for di NFL matta wey dey make Trump demand say sports people must to stand up for di flag.



Players for NFL don begin kneel down to recite national anthem to show say dem no like di way police dey take handle black people and other minority groups for America.



Some people for social media like di freestyle sotey dem begin ginger other musicians for dia country make dem begin challenge government people with dia music.




President Trump never still talk anything but some people don alreadi dey wait for wetin im go say or do.



For di end of di video, di rapper warn im fans make dem no support di US president because im feel say President Trump na racist.




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