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Burkina Faso: Health Workers Pay Protest Na Free Treatment

Health workers for Burkina Faso don come up wit different kind of protest make goment follow dia pay agreement.


Instead of dem to strike dem decide to work for for free dis week and dem no gree collect any payments from patients so dat revenue no go enta goment pocket.


Di protest, wey dem start on Monday, dey prove say dis dia style dey successful for small clinics where health workers suppose take payments demself from patients.


But di tori dey different story for hospitals where cashiers na im dey collect fee of 1,500 CFA ($2;£2) from all patients apart from pregnant women and pikin underddi age of five.


One relative of one patient for Ouagadougou biggest hospital, Yalgado Ouedraougo, tell BBC tori pesin Simon Gongo, say she try avoid not to pay.


Aissata Ouedraogo say:


'We dey receive free treatment. Since dis morning nurses and doctors dey come see pipo wey dey sick. Dis style dey really good. E allows us to save money for oda tins.''


Dis na di latest of di plenti strike actions dis year wey di National Union for Human and Animal Health Workers don take.


Di union claim say di goment dey too slow to honour one agreement wey dem make for March 2017 to settle pay, recruitment and promotion mata.


Prime Minister Paul Kaba Thieba say workers dey work against Burkina Faso budget and trying to scatter goment health policies.

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