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Alcohol Follow For Wetin Dey Make 800,000 Pipo Kill Diasef Evri Year - WHO

World Health Organisation WHO say 800, 000 pipo dey commit suicide evri year all over di world.


Dat one mean say to commit suicide don become di second major reason wey dey cause death among young pipo between 16 to 29 years.


WHO tok dis one for statement wey dem release as dem dey mark world suicide prevention day.


Di health sabi pipo say pipo dey commit suicide more for kontris wey no too rich.


WHO say dem dey try create awareness to help prevent pipo from to dey commit suicide.


Na drugs dey cause twenty percent for pipo wey dey commit suicide dey - WHO

Dem say plenti pipo dey kill demsef by hanging while some dey use gun kill dem self and some dey drink poison.


Pipo wey be victim of discrimination dey also wan commit suicide, like pipo refugees and migrants, lesbians, gay, transgender and even pipo for prison.



Why pipo dey commit suicide


World Health Organisation say plenti pipo wey dey commit suicide get mental problem.


Some dey take too much alcohol and some na depression dey cause am.


"Many suicide dey happun sake of wen katakata don too plenti for pesin head like money wahala, relationship heart break and chronic pain plus sickness".


"Oda tins wey dey cause suicide include disaster, violence, conflict, abuse or loss of something wey dey important.



How to prevent suicide


WHO say pipo fit prevent suicide through dese methods:


To prevent pipo from tins wey fit make dem commit suicide


Tori pipo suppose shine dia eyes wen dem wan do tori wey fit cause wahala


Authorities suppose put law wey go reduce how pipo dey take drink alcohol


To identify pipo wey get mental and drug disorder, chronic pain and emotional distress


Authorities suppose train health workers wey suppose dey check for pipo wey wan commit suicide and to treat dem


To follow up pipo wey bin don try coimmit suicide and to give dem support.

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